Banquets at Deccan Rendezvous

Swimming Pool, Deccan Rendezvous, Hotel in Pune


The Pool Side venue at our hotel in Pune is an ideal spot to host a variety of events for a guest list of about 20 people. 

Ebenos 2, Deccan Rendezvous, Banquet Hall in Pune


Beautifully-furnished, with a host of modern amenities, Ebenos is a banquet hall elegantly crafted to suit all manner of special occasions.

Veranda, Deccan Rendezvous, Event in Pune


The Veranda is a beautifully-designed semi-open venue located in our backyard. This hall is the quintessential destination for all manner of events. 

Aura, Deccan Rendezvous, Banquet Halls in Pune


Our rooftop banquet space - Aura is another gracefully-designed venue at our hotel, ideal for an evening of casual conversation and star-gazing while being engulfed by the open-air ambience. 

Fountainhead, Deccan Rendezvous, Conference Halls in Pune


Fountainhead is an exquisitely-furnished venue, equipped with all the modern amenities and ideally crafted to oversee a smooth-sailing business event. 

Blucanopy, Deccan Rendezvous, Hall in Pune


Blucanopy is another splendidly-designed rooftop venue at our hotel. Ideal to play host to numerous different social events in Pune, the open-air atmosphere adds a cheerful aura to your special occasion.